Witch Zoe


See the world through my eyes

You are not here by accident! 

Synchronicity has brought you into my path.

Let me show you what I can offer you.

I am excited to meet you here in a magical space, where I offer an alternative look at your life through the lens of Tarot. 

Tarot has taught me, love is a deeply personal subject and we don’t always know what love means to us. As a result, we can sabotage ourselves from getting the love we want unconsciously by following the patterns advertised by media and by people around us. You deserve to enjoy your unique love. 

Why give your power away when you can learn to read Tarot yourself? 
It’s not as mysterious or scary as you might think.
I designed this Tarot Course together with my cards. You are going to not only learn about Tarot, but also about yourself!
And the first lesson is free!

What lies below your conscious mind is the wonderland of the subconscious – i.e. where Magic happens.

Experience my subliminal art.

Here I’m offering you my take on How Tarot works.

Contrary to what you may believe, Tarot does not dictate your destiny. I’m particularly fond of Tarot exactly because it emphasizes the power of free will – unlike Astrology, it doesn’t just justify my limiting thought patterns or offer excuses to habitual behaviors with circumstances that can’t be overcome, like a Mercury retrograde or Pluto square my natal Moon.

Tarot, on the other hand, is brutally honest about what is and it shows me that all is but a result of my own creation. I’ve consulted Tarot every time I felt lost and anxious about the future, and it has never failed to provide me with clarity and direction.  

Let me show you how Tarot can help you gain clarity on your life and guide you towards your highest purpose. 

Available Now

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In the Works

04. The Tarot Course
05. Nature & Forest Therapy
06. Crystal Course

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This is a sanctuary to embrace your unique essence, cherish your soul, activate the power of your free will, and nurture your dreams.

My Philosophy

Drawing from the wisdom of Daoism, Jungian psychology, Egyptian Temple science,  and Hermetic traditions,  I aim to find the answers through Nature as well as my intuition, creativity, and imagination. I don’t aim to heal or teach you, but to provide you with a space where you are heard, seen and deeply understood.

I will guide you to connect with your intuition, gain clarity on your life, find direction for your soul path, realize your true purpose, and embrace your full potential. Let’s dance, in the world of magic and dreams.

My playground is where I explore all things magical.

You are welcome to join me!

What I Learn:

Shadow Work
Moon Phases

What I see:


What I experience:

Forest Bathing
Argentine Tango

Magic awaits you…

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