Witch Zoe

Good vibes only

–  Good Vibes for you –

Visual Subliminal Art hand painted with love,
guided by my higher self and intuition.

/səˈblimən(ə)l/ adjective.
(of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.
Subliminal Art
refers to any art that conveys an intuitive message or feeling that is typically hidden or embedded into visual images bypassing the conscious mind.
How to Use Subliminals?
My favorite way is to use them as wallpaper on my phone and computer.
Which one is right?
Go with your intuition.
Choose any one that catches your eye or calls to you.
Your intuition knows best!

Hi, my name is Zoe.

I’m a witch who embraces the mystical, the ancient, and the natural.


If you enjoy the good vibes,


Send good vibes to your loved ones!

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