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Meet Zoe

a way of magical living

Hello! My name is Zoe.

I’m a witch who embraces the mystical, the ancient, and the natural.

Welcome to my playground.

I’m thrilled to guide you through this magical world!

My composition:

36% Sagittarius, 28% Capricorn, 18% Aquarius, 9% Virgo, 9% Scorpio

My design:

2/4 Splenic Projector
Indigo + Infra Red

My offerings:

Dream Work


Summon and utilisation of natural cosmic energy by harmonic means -> Art.



Influencing psychological ambiance with an energy emanating from the complex of human life  -> Advertising, Propaganda.

Art is a means of playing upon human faculties in such a way as to provoke a consciousness of super human reality, of realm beyond the senses.

What I do:

Crystal & Stone Medicine
Spiritual Alchemy
Dream Work
Personal Wavelength
Nature Therapy
Meditation Music
Good Vibes only Art

What I don’t do:

Love Spells
Revenge Spells
Binding Spells
Fortune Telling
Psychic Manipulation
Voodoo Dolls

Introducing the Soul’s Journey

a 9-card spread exploring your very own journey

Card 1-3

Where do you come from?

We didn’t come into the world in a blank state. When you look into the eyes of a newborn baby, there is already something in there. Call it nature, karma, or predisposition, you came here with a story. This story carries an imprint of your past memories and habits, that in turn shape your current attitude and perspective on the world. Have you noticed patterns in your life? Are you drawn to a particular type of people? Or do certain themes keep reoccurring for you? Looking into the past, we can understand what karmic history you are carrying with you, and with that understanding, we are better equipped to make conscious decisions in this life.  

Card 4-6

Where are you?

Coming into the Now, we will be looking at where you are in your journey, today.

What is the most important thing that you have to get it right this time in order to feel happy and fulfilled?

What are the evolution challenges you face? These tend to be your blindspots – assumptions you have that make you feel stuck in your situation.

What are your natural gifts? These are the trusted skills, values and qualities that you might be taking for granted, but are important allies here to help you navigate your journey.

Card 7-9

Where are you going?

The last three cards indicate your soul direction, the highest expression of your purpose, and what a successful life will look like, to you. Contrary to what society tells us, we are not here to simply live a ‘normal’ life, having a family and a stable job. All of us are here to explore an alternative possibility to our past. If you were bound by responsibilities and expectations, now you are here to make decisions for yourself. If you were silenced by authority and institution, now you are here to voice your truth. If you were ripped out of the comfort of a safe home, now you are here to find your soul family that can protect you. 

Wherever your journey takes us, the cards will show us the way.

And this time, you won’t get lost.

I was not satisfied with all the pop “witchy” books in Barnes & Noble. I don’t believe being a witch means dressing in all black (although that’s just a thing I do working in fashion and living in New York City for 10 years), casting love spells (I believe I need to respect the free will of myself and others), making herbal potions (Ok, I’m kind of doing that, but with crystals), or telling fortunes to strangers (Tarot is not fortune telling). 
For me, being a witch is about self-discovery and empowerment, listening to my heart and fulfilling my soul purpose. It’s about being attuned to the rhythms of Nature, seeking wisdom in the cycles of the moon and the secrets of the stars. It’s about understanding the deep connections between all living beings and the Universe.
Being a witch is also about self-expression – I didn’t find a witchy account or website that resonated with me when I started my own path. This is why I am here making that account and website for myself – A way of being that’s natural, easy and simple. 
I’m searching for the truth in nature, in forests and stones, in ancient Daoist and Egyptian traditions, and in hermetic knowledge of alchemy and esotericism.
I’m looking to discover what it means to be me, here on the Earth, and what it means to be One with all. 
This a way of life that I am actively creating through experiments, trials and errors.
I am a student of life. I ask questions and I don’t expect to be given answers. I only share what I see, what I learn, and what I experience. 
If this is attractive to you, I invite you, my dear friends, to join me – not as a follower on my journey, but as a companion in search of your truths. 

I want to share with you the world seen through my eyes.

What I Learn:

Moon Phases
Personal Wavelength
Nature Therapy

What I see:


What I experience:

Forest Bathing
Argentine Tango
Active Imagination

Tarot is the second thing I encountered on my witch journey. First was Astrology.

I’m particularly fond of Tarot because it emphasizes the power of free will – unlike Astrology, it doesn’t just justify my habitual thinking or behavior with circumstances that can’t be overcome (like a Mercury retrograde or Pluto square my natal Moon).

Tarot, on the other hand, is brutally honest about what is and it shows me that all is but a result of my own creation. I’ve consulted Tarot every time I felt lost and anxious about the future, and it has never failed to provide me with clarity and direction.  

I would like to offer Tarot as a tool for your journey.  I designed my Tarot course specifically with this question in mind,

“How can Tarot help you?”



Thank you for shining your light on my path.




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