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What is Tarot?

01. Tarot is a personal empowerment practice rich with history and cultural knowledge. 

Tarot is not fortune tellingit’s not predictive, but analytic. The symbols of the tarot cards activate our unconscious mind and excite our intuition, presenting a creative insight into our lives that is otherwise blinded by our rational, conscious mind.

Tarot is a mirror for us to observe and approach our inner reality. The images of the Tarot are a mirror of the images of our souls, the unconscious impulses.  They describe our spiritual conditions – the beautiful and the ugly, the pleasant and the unpleasant. We can put it aside or shatter it like a mirror if we don’t like the reflection it shows, but doing so won’t change our appearance. 

The images are neither positive nor negative; they simply provide us a lens to see the intuitive self, and to access the core energy of who we are, to see the alchemy of ourselves. We learn to accept and love ourselves only when we stop trying to hide, and hide from, our inner reality. 

02. Tarot is both a tool for self-exploration and a guide to inner growth. It reflects who we are; it shows our strengths and weakness; it confronts us with the decisions we made in the past and questions our ability to exert free will. 

Tarot offers us insights into our perspective of the world, how we view events and people in our life, and through the understanding of the self, it illuminates potential pathways to overcome our obstacles.  

Tarot is objective because it bypasses the conscious decision, but it’s not impartial – it attempts to push us in the direction towards optimism, spirituality, and a belief in the necessity of free will. It allows us to reveal and let go of our illusions, and come closer to our true, boundless, and enduring selves. What we let go and lose in this process never has been really ours; what is released never has been rooted in our true being. As we learn to interpret the messages of the cards, we can discover new inner realms, and gain a glimpse into the mysteries of the Universe.

03. Tarot offers a resonant story of the human journey as told through a universal symbolic language. It contains and expresses the spectrum of human archetypal conditions and personalities. Tarot contains a philosophy, an outline of how human consciousness evolves, and a vast depiction of human experiences. From shuffling the tarot cards emerges awareness, each time we do a reading we assert our will to impose a meaning on the patterns thrown out by chaos.

Tarot is a problem-solving tool that can be used for orienting ourselves on the path toward greater awareness, a vast path with many turnings. It is a guide to the realm of inner transformation, revealing hidden messages and enlarging our vision of the self and the cosmos. 

Tarot tells us what we already know, the truth that is deep within ourselves, but that which we have not yet permitted our conscious mind to confront. It is about accessing the subconscious, the personal unconscious, and even the collective unconscious, the same theory behind psychoanalysis and modern-day psychology.  

04. Tarot helps us to make informed decisions in the present with spiritual knowledge – it does not dictate our lives; rather, it enables us to think about our problems from a different perspective and chart a road map for the solution. 

Tarot works like weather forecasts. We check the weather before going on a road trip as a precaution. The forecast helps us to prepare for the trip; it does not interfere with the actual experience of the trip nor does the forecast stays permanent. We can ignore the forecast of thunderstorms and insist on going and being stuck on the road in the pouring rain, or decide to visit an art museum and stay indoors instead. Tarot offers us the most probable outcome following the current course of action. It does not predict our destiny, as our decisions, and actions alone, determine our future. 

If what you’ve read has piqued your interest and you want to embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery,

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