Witch Zoe

I want to share with you the world seen through my eyes.


Just looking around

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Walk with me

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Soul Circle

Let's keep each other's fire burning

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The Tarot Course

$ 160
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The Circle.

In the Circle we are all equal.

When in the Circle,
No one is in front of you.
No one is behind you.
No one is above you.
No one is below you.

The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity.

Welcome, my stranger friend!

This a way of life that I am actively creating through experiments, trials, and errors.

I am a student of life.
I ask questions and I don’t expect to be given answers.
I only share what I see, what I learn, and what I experience. 

If this is attractive to you, I invite you, my dear friends, to join me.
Not as a follower on my journey, but as a companion in search of your truths. 

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Soul Circle $33.99 per Month. Select
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