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The Tarot Course

A course devised by my tarot cards.

A journey through the Tarot cards is primarily a journey into our own depth. 

Whatever we encounter along the way is an aspect of our own deepest, and highest, self. 

Tarot, with its silent picture text, tells the story of the typical experiences encountered along the age-old path to self-realization and self-actuation.

What you are getting

This is a Tarot course designed to guide you to learn your tarot language.

I’m not teaching you how to read tarot in my way, but to discover your own relationship with Tarot and see how tarot can help you in your life. 

The most important thing I want you to take away from this course is not to become the best tarot reader, but to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

The answer is not out there, the answer is right here,  in your heart. 

Tarot is a mirror, without you, it doesn’t show anything. 

You are both the subject and object when looking through tarot to see yourself, and what’s around you. 

Tarot is an inward journey, taking you to your heart.

When you are standing on the periphery, you only see the superficial.
But when you stand in the center, you see everything.

What is Tarot

How to use this course

This is a tarot course designed by my cards.
They told me this is not meant to be a linear journey. Just like in any reading, the cards don’t have a “set” sequence and they show up in random order.

So, after the first lesson, just go with your intuition.

Pick a card that attracts you at the moment, and go from there. 

This course also comes with my Tarot Notebook – a collection of card images and card meanings for your reference. However, I would suggest you not to look at the Tarot notebook in the first month. As you will see very soon, this approach is aiming to teach you to develop your own Tarot language, rather than adopting someone else’s vocabulary. 

The Tarot Course

Lesson 1 – The Moon

The Tarot Course

Lesson – The Magus

The Tarot Course

Lesson – Hierophant

The Tarot Course

Lesson – Aeon

The Tarot Course

Lesson – Hanged Man

The Tarot Course

Lesson – Empress

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