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Patience What does it mean to be patient? Is it waiting? no. What is it then?  To give room, tolerance, space, and time.  To trust in the process. Less “I”.   I am most impatient when I feel I need to do something else. There is nothing else.  Life is time. To be patient is to trust life will take its best course without my interference.  I’m not interfering when I see “I” and “Life” as one, not separate. I ...
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Trust I’m sitting by the living room window basking in the sun, next to Bean. He has been enjoying the sun all morning. He was not alerted by my presence, barely opened his eyes to greet me as I sat down.    Trust is a softened state. Nothing is tense.  Trust is welcoming everything and enjoying them as they come.  Trust is exposing my soft spot and not worrying about getting hurt.   Do trees get ‘hurt’? Oh yes, they ...
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Help “Am I helping people?” is a question that frequently comes up for me.  Since I was very little, I felt the urge to be of help.  It troubles me greatly to see someone suffering or in pain. “What can I do to help them?” If I can’t find myself being helpful, I would be greatly bothered and feel restless the rest of the day.    It occurred to me today, as I sit in my contemplation, that this urge ...
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I want to share with you the world seen through my eyes.

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