Witch Zoe


What does it mean to be patient?

Is it waiting? no.

What is it then? 

To give room, tolerance, space, and time. 

To trust in the process.

Less “I”.


I am most impatient when I feel I need to do something else.

There is nothing else. 

Life is time.

To be patient is to trust life will take its best course without my interference. 

I’m not interfering when I see “I” and “Life” as one, not separate.

I am life.

Time is my space. 

I can take as much or as little space as I want. 

When I slow down and take more time (i.e. space), I notice more. 


My life is fuller. 

Notice the birds singing outside.

Bean Bean cuddling on my thighs.

The warmth of the Sun on my skin.

The magnificent clouds outside, always changing. 

Why am I always rushing? 

There is nowhere I have to be more than here, now. 

Now here, is also, nowhere.


To be patient is to enjoy life.

To be surprised.

To allow myself to be surprised. 

Everything has a reason, and a place, to be.

Patience is acknowledging everything’s rightful place. 

To not rush, or, deny them. 


I can slow down.

I can be patient, like the trees.

They are just watching us, not rushing, being at their own pace. 

Do they worry about timing?


Timing is always right.


The body knows. 

Listen to my body.

Don’t tense up.

Don’t resist.

Don’t hold tension.


How can everything exist all at once?

Because I’m not focusing my attention in just one thing.

Patience is observing, not in a single focused spotlight fashion, but an ambient light.

All life is wonderful. 



September 11, 2023  /  Monday         Overcast / 78F

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