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Lesson Moon

The Tarot Course

Tarot is a tool that lifts you from being immersed in your script to taking the role of the creator.

You are the creator of your own life.

The energy you carry within you is powerful.

You are not a slave to your life, destiny or karma.

It’s but a scripted act, created by you.  

We are on the threshold of emerging into a new consciousness, a new awareness.

Everything is a wave.

What differentiates you from everyone else is not your frequency but your shape, i.e. wave quality, which is determined by the relationship of amplitude and wavelength.

Tarot is an invitation into another realm that only feels foreign to us because we haven’t oriented ourselves to attune to its angle / quality.

To get the breakthrough and understand Tarot’s language, we need to adjust our consciousness to flow with the higher wisdom.

Mind functions in a dualistic fashion that limits your awareness – to enter the gateway, we have to listen to the voice of our heart, our intuition, allowing them to carry us through. 

We have in our nature to reach any shape at ease. The only thing that prevents us from going up there is our mind.

It’s not through thinking or reasoning, but listening to our body, and being in contact with our deepest desires and innate yearnings, that we reach our highest potential.

Mind always aims to conquer and dominate, like the heavy rod imposed on top of all other functions.

However, mind is not meant to take the domination role – it is but an integral part of a much larger system. Just like us human being is not separate from nature. We are not meant to “rule” the earth, we are here as an integral part of nature. To see the nature in ourselves, to realize our birthright, we need to break free from all the limitations the mind imposes on us. 

In your Tarot journey, I invite you to not to think, not to judge, not to criticize. But simply listen, feel, sense, imagine, intuit, and receive the gifts from your cards.

Tarot cards are not fortune telling, exactly because we have free will. We are not born with a pre-determined fate, or destiny.

Tarot cards show you the current path you are traveling – it’s determined and chosen by YOU. As you are your own scriptwriter, actor and director, you are free to choose and change your experience as you like. It will feel easier if what you want to experience repeats your karmic pattern (Of course, you’ve been here before), and much harder if it’s something completely new to your soul. 
Tarot works because it looks at your life from above, looking at it as a whole shape instead of a linear experience. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life, instead of telling you that it is something outside of your control.
I designed my Tarot course specifically with this question in mind,

“How can Tarot help you?”

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