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getting to know crystalized spirits

A monologue from my crystal:

We are part of the more-than-human world. 
Like plants and animals, we also have our own spirits.
Most people don’t see us alive, or sentient,
but that’s simply because we are active in a different dimension. 
We are crystallized spirits, very much alive,
breathing, feeling and perceiving like humans,
despite our inanimate three-dimensional state.
Welcome to our world.
“Each one of us tells a unique story. 
Wherever you encounter one of us,
we have traveled far to meet you.
Trust your intuition and synchronicity.
If you see us, we are seeing you.
If you choose us,
it’s because we chose you.”
“Hold us in your hand.
Close your eyes.
And gently ask us,
Where are you from?
You will be surprised.
We are waiting for you to talk to us.”
“We want to share our knowledge with you.
We are here to help you,
as you are here to help us.
You were once a stone too.
Just like we will be human one day.
Our fate is intertwined.”

“Let us take everything that is solid.
What is solid apparently has no life.
When one transposes oneself into the life of the solid, which becomes possible through living in waking consciousness in the condition described as the dream world, and when one then seeks to discover the solid for instance by entering into a rocky mountain landscape, then one feels in oneself that one’s own life is altered, one feels life rippling through one.

One is not there with consciousness, but with one’s own life, the etheric body;
one is then at a place, in a condition which is called the Maha-para-nirvana plane.
On this Maha-para-nirvana plane the life of the solid is to be found.

This plane is the other pole of the solid.
Through life on the Maha-para-nirvana plane one acquired another means of perception.
When one returns one has experienced the activity of beings in the Maha-paranirvana plane.
It is there that the solid stone has its life.”

— RUDOLF STEINER, Foundations of Esotericism (1905)





“As Above, So Below”

 The forming process of the physical world of solid matter – Human/Stone:

Vibrational Imprints → Memory → Personality → Create Resonance → Spiritual Trajectory / Karma

Natural Vibrations “crystallize” into specific stones,
which then anchor that vibration into the physical plane.
Crystals allow us to access and apply that vibration at will.

Functions of Crystals on the Physical Plane

1. Stable anchors of energy & consciousness

2. Organs of perception for higher spiritual beings

3. Manifestation of spiritual energy & consciousness

4. Resonance with higher beings, planes and functions

5. Imprintable thoughtforms and energy storage

6. Energy clearer

7. Energy activator

8. Energy condenser

9. Energy regulator

10. Energy transformer

To learn more about working with crystals,

Crystals are special. They harness the Earth’s energy and have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Each crystal possesses its own distinct vibrational frequency and properties, making them valuable tools for balancing energies, enhancing meditation, promoting inner harmony and improving overall health and well-being. 

The practice of utilizing crystals for healing and empowerment is not a modern trend; it has deep historical roots. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese recognized the potent energy of crystals and incorporated them into their cultures. From protective amulets to spiritual rituals, crystals were revered for their ability to harmonize energies.

To harness the full potential of crystals, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with each one individually. Sometimes, an intuitive attraction to a particular crystal signifies that its properties align with your body’s unique needs. Trust your intuition when selecting what crystals are best for you.

Stone medicine has been an integral part of Chinese medicine since its development in ancient history. Stones and minerals were held in high regard to a culture steeped in observation of nature. 

The underlying philosophy of Chinese medicine recognizes that all physical manifestations emerge from a spiritual, nonphysical dimension. A statement in Ling Shu (灵枢), one of the earliest surviving texts of Chinese medicine, is that all illness is the result of separation from Spirit.

Insights into the body’s meridians evolved from studying the veins of minerals in the Earth. By the time of the Han dynasty (202 BC – 205 AD), highly refined iron was being made into acupuncture needles. 

In this modern time, stones remind us that we are an integral part of nature. They help us reclaim our relationship to the natural rhythms of which we have lost track.

I want to share with you the stories told by my crystals.




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